Our rooms

When you wake up, you are still living a dream

All our rooms are spacious, bright, comfortable and offer a view of the lake or the mountains. Each room is different from the others and it’s like an adventure book with an exciting story to tell. Here you don’t just choose where to sleep but also the story of which you want to be the protagonist!

Lake viewJunior Suite

30 sqmlake viewliving areabalcony

Lec, La Vila and Menaas are the names of our 30-sqm Junior suites that want to celebrate our region and its literary history. The first one is a reference to the setting of “The Betrothed”, the second one refers to Villa Serbelloni, one of the most important symbols of Bellagio and the last one is a tribute to Menaggio. Each offers an anecdote… and a lot of comfort for you.

Images are merely representative of the type of room.*

Lake viewSuperior rooms:

22 sqmlake viewbalcony

These 22-sqm rooms are rich in history: I Tusann and La Nona are linked to the memory of our aunts and grandmother; El Laac is a room for romantic dreamers; El Maestro is dedicated to Arturo Toscanini who used to come here at the Perlo to visit his grandfather; El Professor is the ideal room for reading a book while admiring the places narrated by Manzoni; El Perlo evokes the gurgling sound of the nearby stream; Tremezz celebrates Tremezzina and Stendhal and is ideal for those travelling with pets.

Images are merely representative of the type of room.*

Lake viewClassic rooms

18 sqmlake viewbalcony

El Muntif and I Fieu are comfortable 18-sqm double rooms. The first room takes its name from the wind that descends from Mount San Primo and blows gently across Tremezzina, Madonna del Soccorso, Villa Carlotta and Villa Balbianello, which you can admire from the window. The second room is dedicated to our childhood, the place where we laughed, played and cried together as children.

Images are merely representative of the type of room.*

Lake viewFamily Junior Suite

45 sqmlake viewliving areaporch

La Garnasca is a 45-sqm family Junior suite that bears the name of Mount Garnasca. This mount is reachable on foot or by bike and can be easily seen from the suite: you only need to look up to start the day with a view of its spectacular scenery. The Junior suite consists of two levels joined by an internal staircase, a veranda and two small gardens where you can relax with the whole family.

Images are merely representative of the type of room.*

Mountain viewDouble rooms

18 sqmgarden/mountain viewbalcony

El pa e la mam and El zio d’America are 18‑sqm rooms. The first one was traditionally the parents’ room for all family generations; you can easily watch the cycling races from it. The second one was the room of our legendary uncle and aunt who emigrated to Uruguay (our America!) and first reached the Perlo by car in the 1920s.

Images are merely representative of the type of room.*

Mountain viewEconomy rooms

13 sqmgarden/mountain viewbalcony

Zio Giacum and El Nigulon are comfortable 13-smq double rooms with a full-size bed. The first room is dedicated to our Pater Familias: Uncle Giacomo. He was the manager of various important hotels in Europe and slept right in this room. The second one is perfect for explorers who want to discover the secrets of our mountains, thinking about new itineraries while admiring the Nigulon from the balcony.

Images are merely representative of the type of room.*

* All of our rooms are unique and tell a different story. That is why, even though we always guarantee you a room in line with your requested room type, we cannot tell you in advance which specific room will be assigned you at check-in.


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