Route #1

Warm Up

Bellagio, Onno, Valbrona, Asso, Magreglio, Civenna
Level of difficulty: Medium Length: 39 km Elevation gain: 859 m

Regular cyclists know what is meant by a period of “warming up”. That is the moment in which your legs begin to flow and you ease into your breathing before more intense activity. This route corresponds precisely to this idea: on the one hand it allows you to become familiar with our region, and on the other it is to tackle just under 1,000 meters in elevation without pedaling hundreds of miles. Best of all, the final climb finishes at the Madonna del Ghisallo, the Patron Saint of Cyclists, which is a must-see for all cyclists visiting Lake Como.

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Our comments

Carlo Sancassano Bike manager

Perfect introductory route for your cycling holiday before facing the other challenges that Lake Como offers.

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