Hersh bike rental

High, Energy, Race, Sport, History

We are proud of our collaboration with HERSH, an exclusive brand of customised bikes that carries its philosophy engraved in its name. Every letter summarises HERSH’s mission, in an acronym that immediately transmits passion: high quality services; energy while cycling; the sense of race for tackling life; sport as healthy competition; lastly history, the same history that is written while cycling together.

In addition to this, there is the Made in Italy craftsmanship and also the personalised graphics, which allow you to really feel HERSH, not just a brand but a dream for everyone: cycle on a customised bike along streets that have made their mark on the history of cycling!

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Facilities for sports enthusiasts

Bike RoomSafe and video surveillance
Maps and routesGPX routes, hiking and paper maps
Bike workshop and wash areaAreas for bike repairs, washing and pumping
Guides and bike managersOutdoor professionals at your service
AssistanceCycle recovery and transfer services
RentalBikes and equipment from our partners
Medical assistanceThe best experts available on request


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