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Take a look at the main attractions and sports activities that you find on Lake Como and choose your favorites.
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From the historical climbs of Ghisallo and Muro di Sormano, to the discovery of a territory so varied that it is not just for professionals: explore it on 2 wheels too, we provide you with everything you need with our passionate partners of ComoLagoBike.


If the climbs scare you, enter the future and try one of our e-bikes. You will discover a silent and effective way of moving, to explore the whole lake in joy and with minimal effort. Our passionate ComoLagoBike partners have everything you need to make you spend unique moments.

Soft Walking

Do you like walking but the mountain scares you and seems far away? Here our foothills are for you: soft walker. All to be discovered on ancient paths, in search of unique landscapes in the world. With moderate effort, explore the lake or go in search of panoramic views, away from the crowds of town centers. We provide you with everything you need: maps, packed lunches and even routes tracked with gpx… And on your return, our terrace awaits you for the best ending of your day.

Water sports

From May to September the lake is our natural swimming pool… water and sport to make you feel alive and kicking- Sports for all tastes: SUP, Kayaking, Canoying, waterskiing, swimming, wake boarding, Kite Surfing and last but not least Canyoning… a world of adventures to be tailor-made on your expectations
And if you are really sporty, don’t miss the beauty of the water even in the off-season.


Here in the center of the lake the wind is certainly not the most intense, but when it comes… Elegance characterizes us and then we provide historic boats to go out and enjoy the lake, its landscapes and its treasures in a natural way: taking advantage of its winds.


For your inner balance and to discover the beauty of your vital centers, yoga sessions immersed in a dream landscape, cradled by the water and surrounded by gentle and vertical mountains… an experience of beauty and well-being. Do you want to miss all of this?


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