Route #4

The epic climbs of the 1980s

Bellagio, Pescate, Valcava, Capizzone, Berbenno, Peghera, Olda, Avolasio, Mezzacca, Moggio, Balisio, Prato San Pietro, Bellagio
Level of difficulty: Difficult Length: 151 km Elevation gain: 3.853 m

If you are looking for challenges, climbs, or simply want to test your strength you have just found what you were looking for. This itinerary is able to satisfy your desire to ride long distances and to conquer thousands of meters in elevation. It measures about 150 kilometers and just under 4,000 meters of elevation, numbers that are really mind-boggling. Even professionals with the caliber of Laurent Fignon had to surrender to the Valcava by setting foot on the ground. Good luck!

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Our comments

Carlo Sancassano Bike manager

Valcava and Culmine San Pietro are two climbs of the past that continue to fascinate today. Every time we come back from this tour we curse ourselves for facing it, but the feeling of happiness is priceless.

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