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Anyone passionate about two wheels can recommend the best routes, but our guides do much more. They are intuitive companions, always ready with a laugh, and someone you can trust to make spontaneous detours to show you something special. An added plus – they are your personal paparazzi and like a family by the end of the tour.

Certified guides with AmiBike

Carlo, owner and hotel cycling manager

My passion for cycling began in 2009 and since then has not waned, on the contrary … it continues to grow stronger. It was the races of Il Lombardia and the Giro d’Italia that opened my eyes to a great opportunity: Hotel Il Perlo, located right on the hardest part of the Ghisallo climb, could use its location to host visiting cyclists. From that day I started to understand what it means to be a cyclist: the only way to do it was to become one!

Alberto Elli: The Champion

You have probably already heard his name as he is a legend in Italy. Alberto had a 16 year career as a professional cyclist and wore the Yellow Jersey of the Tour de France four times: he is our lead guide and cycling expert along with Carlo. We are fortunate to count on his experience, but above all how he shares the passion for the bicycle. Cycling with Alberto is a truly unique experience not to miss.

Emanuele Margutti: Lele and the smile

A great lover and connoisseur of local cycling history, he is an expert on the Brianza routes. He is able to convey a special joy to every cyclist thanks to his sunny character and his passion for two wheels. In his youth he also raced among the local professionals. The tours with him will never be boring, you will find yourself sharing photos, selfies, and stories while stopping at the best local restaurants.

Umberto Fazio: the climbing engineer

A young student at the cusp of his university degree, a few years ago a friend introduced him to the bike and it was love at first sight. He loves pedaling along the shores of the lake or high in the Valle d’Intelvi where he often meets champions of the caliber of Vincenzo Nibali and Fabio Aru. With a lightweight physique and strong mind he is the perfect climber.

Atos Masciadri: the precise

Joining the group only last year, Atos is a connoisseur of every remote corner of our region. He rides from memory, and loves the bike with an immeasurable and dispassionate passion that makes him proudly consider it a second job.

Gabriele Bosisio: The Bos

A former professional cyclist like Alberto, in his career he wore the Maglia Rosa at the Giro d’Italia. Since retiring from racing he shares his expertise as one of the Bicimania staff, a local bike shop that keeps him busy for many hours. He is an exceptional guide when it manages to carve out free moments.

Our guides on the road to certification with AmiBike

Luca Molteni: The President

The years of junior races and challenges against Olympic Gold medalist Fabio Casartelli may have passed, but his passion and desire to share the region’s cycling and history with the world have remained unchanged. Over 10 years ago during a Sunday excursion with Dr. Giorgio Squinzi, President of Mapei and backer of the famed professional race team, the idea was made to develop an organization that would provide cycling specific services to Lake Como tourists. From there ComoLagoBike was born thanks to the sponsorship of Mapei. To Luca and to his foresight we must say thank you.

Massimo Galli: The Banker

The professional banker that we can always count on. Our ComoLagoBike treasurer does not miss an opportunity to lend a hand every Sunday and always has a joke ready when meeting our guests at the bike shop or on big group rides.

Patrizia Redaelli: The Patty

Patty is a former professional cyclist, she raced three Giro Rosa and wore the Best Young Rider jersey. With her years of experience riding and racing in this region she knows all the tricks of the trade. At the bike shop and on rides, she is an excellent companion full of smiles and a desire to share the beauties of our region.

Bike & Services Booking Manager

Enrica Amicucci – Chicca

To make a parallel with competitive cycling we could say that she is the constant presence of the team’s Directeur Sportif who works so that the whole organization moves in unison. Chicca is a constant presence that gives practical business advice in the background. She manages the first contacts with customers, coordinates all the hotel services, books reservations on the bike. and organizes all the many related services on behalf of the clients. For several months, she has also managed booking activities for cycling holidays. She is the hidden soul of this business since the beginning. To see all your expectations magically become reality, make sure to ask for her.

Weekly guided tour program


Ghisallo Back Side

Distance: 68.50 kilometers
Elevation gain: 1,106 meters
Ride duration: 3 hours (4 hours with stops)
Difficulty: Hard
Itinerary: Hotel Il Perlo, Nesso, Como, Solzago, Albavilla, Crevenna, Pontelambro, Canzo, Asso, Magreglio (Madonna del Ghisallo), Hotel Il Perlo

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Valsassina Ride

Distance: 61 kilometers
Elevation gain: 1,030 meters
Ride duration: 3 hours (4 hours with ferry and stops)
Difficulty: Medium
Itinerary: Hotel Il Perlo, Ferry to Varenna, Bellano, Taceno, Cortenova, Prato San Pietro, Sentiero della Valsassina, Pasturo, Lecco, Onno, Bellagio, Hotel Il Perlo

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Short Climb Sormano Ride

Distance: 62.80 kilometers
Elevation gain: 1,276 meters
Ride duration: 3 hours (4 hours with stops)
Difficulty: Hard
Itinerary: Hotel Il Perlo, Onno, Valbrona, Canzo, Pontelambro, Arcellasco, Bindella, Longone al Segrino, Eupilio, Ace, Sormano, Caglio, Rezzago, Barni, Magreglio (Madonna del Ghisallo), Hotel Il Perlo

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Como Lakeside Hills Ride

Distance: 65 kilometers
Elevation gain: 717 meters
Ride duration: 3 hours (4 hours with ferry and stops)
Difficulty: Medium
Itinerary: Hotel Il Perlo, Nesso, Como, Laglio,  Argegno, Cadenabbia, Ferry to Bellagio, Hotel Il Perlo

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Northern Lakeside hills ride

Distance: 65 kilometers
Elevation gain: 495 meters
Ride duration: 3 hours (4 hours with ferry and stops)
Difficulty: Medium
Itinerary: Hotel Il Perlo, Ferry to Cadenabbia, Menaggio, Domaso, Ponte del Passo, Nuova Olonio, Dubino, Sentiero della Valtellina to Colico, Colico, Varenna, Ferry to Bellagio, Hotel Il Perlo

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4 Lakes ride

Distance: 68 kilometers
Elevation gain: 1,100 meters
Ride duration: 3 hours (4 hours with stops)
Difficulty: Hard
Itinerary: Hotel Il Perlo, Onno, Lecco, Valmadrera, Sala Al Barro, Oggiono, Ello, Dolzago, Sirone, Bosisio Parini, Pusiano, Canzo, Asso, Magreglio (Madonna del Ghisallo), Hotel Il Perlo

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In 2008 ComoLagoBike, Hotel Il Perlo, and famed cycling sponsor Mapei teamed up to promote cycling holidays in Lake Como by offering accommodations, bike rental, and guides for tourists. Experience the region’s most professional cycling services with Hotel Il Perlo’s partner, ComoLagoBike.

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