botique hotel in Bellagio

Hotel Il Perlo Panorama in front of Como Lake


Welcome to il Perlo. From the ancient steam mill we have today only the legends and an old stone-wheel in the garden. But the view is the same as once: the lake, with its blue-green arms, still continues to delight our eyes!

Also the linden is still the same, in its shadow Toscanini spent some afternoons speaking and drinking with Grandfather. We are glad to offer you a little bit of Perlo’s peace, because you’ll understand and enjoy it.

The Hotel is located on the top a hill facing the lake, about 3 km from the town centre. Il Perlo Panorama in Bellagio is the ideal place if you’re looking for a familiar and quiet place to spend your holiday, with a small garden, balcony, and an unforgettable view of the lake. We also offer special services for bikers, making us the perfect Bike Hotel on Lake Como.



If you are going to choose the traditional Bed & Breakfast accomodation, you’ll have at your disposal a room with bath or shower, terrace, telephone and you’ll enjoy a rich buffet-breakfast in the veranda, under the arcades or on the lake terrace.
Because that’s Perlo’s peculiarity: whatever you’ll may choose, a balcony on Lake Como is waiting for you…

Nestled on a forested hillside and cradled between a ring of high Alpine foothills, visitors have enjoyed Hotel Il Perlo Panorama and its view overlooking Lake Como for nearly a century. It was built in 1922 by the current owner’s grandfather, and has been run by the family ever since. At the beginning it was a small farm with a few basic affordable rooms to rent for servants of the aristocracy visiting nearby Bellagio. Today it is the guests of Il Perlo who feel like the richest people in the world as they take in the special panoramic vista from the expansive patio or from the solitude of their rooms and are treated with the same welcoming family hospitality as those years ago.
The hotel is a sublime getaway from the hustle of everyday life. From the gurgling namesake stream, Torrente Perlo, to the garden of roses, olive trees, wisteria and kiwi vines, to the large zen-like outdoor patio and view unrivaled in Lake Como, it will enchant you from the very beginning. Whether you are looking for a romantic holiday, a quiet place for the family to explore together, or a base for hiking and cycling adventures, you will realize why Hotel Il Perlo Panorama continues to host returning guests from around the world again and again.