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Cycling around Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most popular cycling destinations in Italy and Europe because of its diverse scenery (mountains, lakes, forests), its refreshing climate, and most of all for its historical presence in the cycling world. Lake Como is the backdrop for the annual Giro di Lombardia and has been featured in several times in the Giro d’Italia.

Cycling has played a huge role in Italian culture since the early 1900s, and around Lake Como it is an especially practiced sport, not only by professionals and amateurs, but by people of all ages, whether it be road cycling or mountain-biking. Why is cycling especially popular here? ComoLagoBike wants you to come see for yourself. The diverse scenery (mountains, lakes, forests), refreshing climate, historical climbs, and welcoming community certainly have something to do with it. As a sport association we know that cycling and cycling culture can act as driving forces in promoting tourism around the Lake Como and the Lario region. With the ComoLagoBike Center at Hotel il Perlo Panorama in Bellagio, we want to welcome anyone and everyone to experience Lake Como by bike. Our partner hotels in Bellagio and Lecco give you two ideal places to stay for your cycling or active holiday. Even if you are staying in another area on Lake Como, our services are made available to everyone:

Bike rentals and deliveries (Road, MTB, and E-bikes)

Our partnership with Bottecchia and Quality Bicycle-Merone allows us to have a wide selection of rental bikes for our many customers. We have road, MTB, E-bikes, and kids bikes available to rent, as well as all the equipment you could need for your cycling holiday (pedals, helmets, apparel, etc.). Are you staying in another area on Lake Como and can’t get to our bike center or partner hotels? We have bike delivery services as well!

Guided Tours with former pros and expert cyclists

Our guides can give you an unforgettable cycling experience. They can give you the insider tips that you’ve always wanted to know on the bike, and share the scenery and history of Lake Como with you in a way you couldn’t imagine. Their exclusive knowledge of the area gives you the chance to experience backroads or hidden climbs that the average tourist would never get to see…and they know the best places for pit stops!

Lake Como: The perfect location for a perfect cycling experience

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